Things to Eat in Suffolk

If you’re planning a visit to Suffolk, then chances are you will have heard of our great reputation for fabulous food and drink.

It really is no exaggeration when we tell you that Suffolk has some of the best produce in the UK. We are famed for our pigs, our seafood, our harvest and of course, our award-winning breweries.


When we decided to renovate our stables and granary stores here at Mollett’s Farm, we knew it would be important to our guests to have the chance to taste our incredible produce for themselves – that’s why our luxury self-catered accommodation comes with a fully equipped kitchen. You get the best of both worlds – the chance to go out and eat, or, after a long day exploring our wonderful heritage coast – the chance to unwind and cook a lazy supper for yourselves, after all this way you get to enjoy the leftovers too!

And just before we give you our top tips for fabulous Suffolk fare don’t worry – your fully equipped kitchen comes with a dishwasher too…phew!

Suffolk Foods you must not miss out on…

Suffolk Seafood

Smoked Fish Shack Aldeburgh

Mollett’s Farm is very lucky to be tucked away just minutes from the beautiful seaside town of Aldeburgh. Now, we could wax lyrical about the wonderful restaurants – in fact, we have in our blogpost The Five Best Restaurants in Aldeburgh, but as you have a fully equipped kitchen just waiting for you back at your accommodation we have a secret to share with you – head to the seafront and in front of the White Lion Hotel in Aldeburgh you will find a variety of small shacks and sheds dedicated to what Aldeburgh does best – seafood.

Here you can choose from the days catch to take home. These skilled fishermen will cut and clean your choice, some will even cook it for you! Fancy a fresh lobster for tea? This is the place.

Suffolk Cheese

Fen Farm Dairy Baron Bigod
Photo Credit: Fen Farm Dairy Image Source

It’s always a surprise to us that in a county so well known for agriculture, that there are not more cheese producers, but it turns out cheese in Suffolk was historically a bit of a laughing stock. Historically it was made for the British Navy but jokes spread about weevils being unable to get into it and rats on ships preferring to eat grindstones, so the HM Royal Navy moved on to Cheshire cheese instead. Thankfully there are now three excellent cheese-makers turning Suffolk’s reputation around!

Rodwell Farm, Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses and Fen Farm Dairy. These cheeses may be difficult to obtain outside of the county, but that’s just another excellent reason to visit Suffolk if you ask us!

Suffolk apples


Two hundred and twenty different types of apples grow in Suffolk today according to the East of England Apple Orchard Project and five of these varieties actually have their roots (get it?!) in Suffolk itself. You can’t get far in Suffolk without coming across and orchard.

Think Suffolk – Think Cider…at least we do anyway. Suffolk cider is world-famous and no one does it better than Aspalls. In fact, Aspall’s Premier Cru Cider has been voted the best cider in the world twice! The little village of Aspall itself is only a thirty minute drive away but pop into any of the lovely local pubs and shops here and they will likely have a bottle or two available for you to try.

It’s not all boozy, of course – we also have award-winning apple vinegar too!

Further afield, Suffolk is home to everyone’s favourite apple juice brand Copella, it’s a bit of a drive from our accommodation though so perhaps one for only the most diehard of apple fans.

It’s easy to see why Suffolk is the apple of our eye!

Suffolk Pork, bacon and ham

Jimmys Farm and Wildlife Park

East Anglia is well known for its pigs, and East Suffolk is at the forefront when it comes to amazing pork products. It’s said Suffolk has perfect conditions for rearing free range pigs due to its light soil, and we couldn’t agree more. Suffolk producers have won awards for sausages, ham, gammon and even chorizo and the lean towards high-quality free-range organic meats shows no sign of slowing down!

For an oink-ingly good day out head to see our friends at Jimmy’s Farm, less than half an hour away from Mollett’s Farm.

Jimmy Doherty is now a well-known face on TV thanks to his passion for the countryside and sustainable farming. What started off as a small free-range livestock farm is now home to a whopping 300 rare breed pigs a Wildlife Park; working farm and butchery; restaurant; adventure play area; vegetable and flower gardens plus clothing, gift and craft shops!

But it all began with a humble sausage, and you will be spoilt for choice at their award-winning farm shop.

Suffolk Beers

A bottle of Adnams Ghost Ship and a bottle of Adnams Alcohol Free Ghost Ship

There are plenty of Suffolk Brewery Tours you can partake in on a visit to Mollett’s Farm. But there’s one name on everyone’s lips. Adnams, the Suffolk beer giants poised to take over the county with their innovative grain to grass approach to beer making.

Adnams grows in popularity each year with a cider (obviously) and gin (award-winning) now added to their repertoire. Just take a look at their interactive map to see just how many Adnams establishments there are within throwing distance of Mollett’s Farm!

But far from getting too big for their boots however the Adnams brewery in Southwold are widely known for their sustainability and are paving the way in terms of going green with an Energy Recovery System that recycles 100% of the steam created during the brewing process and uses it to heat 90% of the following brew. This has resulted in the enormously successful launch of Adnams East Green – the UK’s first carbon-neutral beer.

This is just a whistle-stop guide to the amazing food and drink Suffolk has to offer. We really are spoilt for choice here. Come and stay with us and you’ll see why we can’t stop talking about delicious Suffolk.