Getting Back to Nature in Suffolk

Suffolk is famous for its beautiful countryside and varied wildlife but did you know that our green and luscious county is home to almost forty Nature Reserves?!


This week we’re sharing with you some of the magical moments in these can enjoy in Suffolk’s wild places during a stay on the heritage coastline.

We’re told that spending time outdoors can improve your mood, reduce anxiety and even your physical health.

After a day out in nature, you’ll find yourself feeling invigorated, re-energized and ready for a good night’s sleep. If you book a stay at Mollett’s Farm you will enjoy all the luxury of a spacious self-catering stay in one of our stylish stable studios or gorgeous granary cottages.

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Forests and Woodlands

Rendlesham Forest

Studies show that walking in the woods can improve your blood pressure. The ideal place to give this a try in Rendlesham Forest.

Take your time as you through the forest so you can see and feel everything nature has to offer. Take plenty of deep breaths and spend some time standing or sitting smelling what’s around you and appreciating the bird song and the rustle of the leaves.

This Nature Reserve alone has three walking trails, two cycling trails, orienteering trails, a bike park, play areas and it’s suitable for dogs (just like our dog-friendly accommodation). One of our favourite routes is the easy access route. It’s less than a mile long and is suitable for wheelchairs and buggies, just follow the yellow markers. You’ll find the flora and fauna just as enchanting as some of the longer routes through the wetlands and the heath in The Sandlings.

Of course, we can’t talk about Rendelsham without mentioning its strange claim to fame. In 1980 one of the most notorious claims of UFO sightings took place in the area, when reports of unexplained lights over 3 nights captured the publics attention. If you walk the UFO trail here, you’ll find a sculpture marking the location the unexplained flying object is said to have landed.

Rivers and Beaches

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Spending time walking along the sea can help you have a more restful sleep. There’s a reason our Victorian forefathers used to convalesce by the sea.

The adage of fresh sea air being good for your lungs is scientifically proven. Luckily for you, Mollett’s Farm is a short 10 minute drive from the heritage coast. The seaside resorts of Aldeburgh, Dunwich and Southwold have every kind of British beach adventure you can imagine.

Aldeburgh is probably the most famous beach in Suffolk. As you walk along the shingle shore keep your eyes peeled for the famous Scallop Sculpture– a tribute to Aldeburgh’s famous resident – the British Composor Benjamin Britten. It’s also known for its award-winning fish and chips, a trip to Aldeburgh isn’t complete without a bag of their golden fluffy beef dripping chips!

The bustling town of Southwold boasts its own pier and promenade, along with brightly painted beach huts you’d expect to see in a Carry On film! It ticks all the boxes with its golden sands, impressive lighthouse and delicious array of Suffolk food and drink.

Dunwich feels like a secret cove, nestled in a break in the cliffs. The beach is a pretty National Trust site with a little tearoom and colourful boats pulled up past the shoreline, and we think it’s just perfect for thoughtful, windswept walks and contemplation. Known as the lost city of England, today you would never guess that this remote area was once the capital of East Anglia.

Woodbridge also features pretty high up on our list of fabulous waterfront destinations in Suffolk. It’s home to an 850-year-old tide mill, which uses the renewable energy of the tide to drive its waterwheel, still working to this day!

Mudflats, Mere’s and Marshes

Hazlewood Marshes
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Framlingham Mere is adjacent to the famous castle on the hill. It’s an old hunting ground of royalty and is full of beautiful birds, unusual breeds, bulrush and rare sedge beds.

Snape and Hazlewood Marshes and look out over Alde mudflats. The marshes are wide open at the edge lands of the Suffolk coast. The mudflats extend by a full three miles here at low tide, making it a favourite breeding place for many species including redshank and marsh harrier whose calls can be heard echoing across the expanse.

Hazelwood Marshes are said to be is one of Suffolk’s best kept secrets it’s one of the largest unmanaged inter-tidal habitat creation projects in the UK its ongoing transformation from freshwater to salt marsh, following a huge tidal surge in 2013, is fascinating to witness.

We are so lucky to have all this and more right here on our doorstep. Don’t wait for burnout to kick in before you make plans to get away from it all. Listen to your heart and book a stay at Mollett’s Farm for a bit, it will do you the world of good. Just give us a try and we’re sure it will quickly become your happy place – your home away from home.

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