Framlingham Castle is only 15 minutes away! – Visiting the Castle on the Hill

View of the workhouse inside the walls of Framlingham Castle

Framlingham Castle, coined as the “castle on the hill” in a hit song by Suffolk born global phenomenon, Ed Sheeran, is now by far one of Suffolk’s most famous castles. This small castle located in a charming Suffolk town of the same name, has a jaded and infamous past and was once the focal point of royal feuds, political conspiracies and a peasant’s revolution. The castle played host to famous Kings such as Henry VIII, whilst centuries later isolated plague victims and housed the poor. Inside the walls of this once crowded and thriving fortress is where Mary Tudor was proclaimed the Queen of England. The rich and diverse history of Framlingham Castle is one of the reasons you must take a visit during your stay on the Suffolk Coast.

At Mollett’s Farm we love receiving feedback from our guests on the activities they get up to during their stay and we have so many rave reviews from adults and young ones about their experience at Framlingham Castle.

Stone walls of Framlingham Castle

They really do have something for everyone and one of the highlights to the visit is their audio tour for a walk around the wall and inner grounds. This tour isn’t just aimed at adults, they have a developed an audio recording specifically designed for kids too. To be honest we find that the “kids” tour just as informational, it’s packed full of historically accurate information mixed with pop culture references and a little wackiness that really adds a fun side to the story of the castle! So, when you arrive make sure to pay for your entrance ticket, this includes free parking for the whole time you are there, then head straight to the gift shop and ask at the counter for the audio tour. The best part is, it’s free! Just don’t forget to take it back or you may have some knights hot on your trail!

Outer grounds of Framlinghm castle with a view of the lake in the distance

Once you have finished the audio tour, it is time to explore and learn more about the grounds inside and outside the castle. We found the best way to do this is contact the ticket office before arriving and find out what time the free guided tours are leaving. Meeting just outside of the Castle Café these tours are run by experienced and passionate local people who thrive upon sharing their wealth of knowledge upon the history of both the castle and its grounds. The tours involve plenty of fun and educational facts and stories that really help you to imagine what life was really like at Framlingham Castle throughout the ages, and the best thing about the tours is that you just tag along with other interested parties and you’re sure to make some friends along the way.

Framlingham Castle is cared for by the English Heritage Trust and the cost of each entrance ticket is poured directly back into managing, caring and curating incredible fun filled family events for all the beautiful historic sites within their care. At Framlingham castle you may find yourself transported back in time to enjoy some Medieval Mayhem where you can hone your skills as a squire for the great Sir Cuss, defend the castle against the oncoming siege in Castle Attack, or find yourself immersed in a 1500s Tudor encampment and hear the chilling tales of the gruesome bloody Mary. All the events at Framlingham Castle are suitable for families so be sure to check out what’s going on here before you arrive, you could be in for a real treat.

Dressing up as knights and squires at Framlingham Castle
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Our luxury accommodation here at Mollett’s Farm is just a 15-minute drive from the town of Framlingham and is perfectly suitable for a family getaway of exploration and fun. We have all the amenities to ensure everyone both adults and young ones have a relaxed and comfortable stay and we cannot wait to share our knowledge on the local area to ensure you always have fun activities to enjoy.

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