3 Spooktacular Suffolk Halloween Events

As Halloween approaches the spooky legends rise and the scariest events take place. We have created a list of three very different events that are suitable for each level of bravery!

Spooky Pumpkins

Beware the demon dog Black Shuck! You may hear this warning as All Hallows’ Eve approaches, for this is just one of the chilling ghostly legends of Suffolk. The legend speaks of a demonic dog, with glaring red eyes of fire and flame, who once brought destruction upon a local church, mauled and killed many locals, and now prowls the Suffolk countryside in pursuit of its next victim.

As the legend goes, on the 4th August 1577, to the sound of an almighty clap of thunder, an enormous black dog burst through the doors of St Mary’s Church in Bungay. The dog ran up the nave, past a large congregation, killing a man and boy and causing the church steeple to collapse through the roof, before moving on to the neighbouring Blythburgh Church where it mauled and killed several more people before disappearing into the stormy night.

Witnesses believed that the horrific tragedy was on account of the devil, and the demon dog Black Shuck was a hell hound. Mysterious scorch marks appeared on the door of Blythburgh Church and are still referred to as the Devil’s fingerprints.

Burn marks on church door

Local folklore now states that the demon dog prowls the dark lanes and lonesome footpaths of the Suffolk Coast. Black Shuck’s howl will turn your blood to ice, but his footsteps make no sound. So, if you are unfortunate to meet him in the darkness it may be too late to turn around!

Halloween in Suffolk

As Halloween approaches the entirety of Suffolk hubbles and bubbles with spooky excitement. Chilling tales are told of malevolent spirits and glimpses of ghosts as the locals of each town remember the spooky happenings in their towns and villages.

Suffolk has a huge history of unexplained paranormal mysteries, and out of these mysteries have sprung some fantastic events – some which are terrifying and just for the adults and some that are fun for all the family.

We’ve decided to put together a list of 3 spooky events that you should visit this Halloween.

The frightening Adult Event

Scaresville Haunted Village at Kentwell Hall

A lone figure in the darkness

In deepest darkest Suffolk, locals whisper of a mysterious village that creepily appears and then vanishes every year. A village of almost total darkness where terrifying creatures of the night cross through from the other side. Are you brave enough to investigate the mysterious village of Scaresville, where nightmares come to life?

The Scaresville experience takes place in the evening as you enter the scarezone with your group and navigate your way through abandoned buildings, woodlands and parklands, as screams of the other visitors around you fill the night.

Prepare to be terrified. The experience lasts an hour, but if you make it through you will be rewarded with entry to Bar-Baric where you can bring yourself back to life with a warm drink or a pick me up whilst enjoying a Halloween themed playlist.

Will you dare to enter the Haunted Village? Find out more here.

The Spooky Family Event

Spooky Stories at Framlingham Castle

Misty Framlingham Castle

The most fearless of souls may join this family adventure of spook and scare! Grab the closest person to you and cling on tight as the spine-tingling storytellers of Framlingham castle reveal the terrifying truth behind some of the world’s most popular fairy tales. These tales are no longer the bedtime stories that you once knew!

Get your kids into their costumes and join in with the best and scariest fancy dress competition. Let them show off their spooky styles to the fearless staff for the chance to be dubbed scream queen or killer king!

This event runs from 11am to 4pm, so don’t worry if you’re scared of the dark. Find out more here.

The Scarily Fun Kids Event

Scaretacular at the Southwold Maize Maze

Spiderweb covered cart surrounded by pumpkins

Use your powers of deduction or lose your wits and be lost forever in the maize maze. The maze becomes especially spooky in the week before Halloween as a variety of spooky but cute ghosts, ghouls, witches and creatures make the maze their home.

The maize has grown extremely tall this year and you must use your skills to navigate the maze and find all 10 of the Halloween creatures, find them all and you will win a prize!

The maze and its creatures aren’t the only spooky happening. Find out your fortune at the witch’s cauldron or test your nerve in the haunted marquee, and don’t forget the daily 2pm fancy dress parade. There is a prize for the best dressed!

This event is suitable for all ages. Find out more here.


So, three spectacularly spooky events. Which terrifying treat will you choose? Why not come and stay with us at our luxury self-catering accommodation here at Mollett’s Farm. Make sure to check out our blog for more information on other fantastic activities around the Suffolk Coast. We are a safe haven from the cold and the spooky, no terrifying creatures will find you here…

Wait, what was that?!

The howl of Black Shuck?!

Oh wait, no that’s one of our beautiful peacocks!